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Top 3 COVID Deals Off Offer

Usually we answer that it all depends on the seller's situation. So called “situations” happen to all of us under normal conditions, and since nothing is normal in the times we have been operating for the last several months, opportunities may occur more often.

On the primary market, it may be, for example, a developer's willingness or need to close a project most of which is already sold and it is more profitable to lower the prices of the last apartments than to keep them at the level provided for in the business plan. Especially that that business plan was created in a completely different reality.

Prices on the secondary market, on the other hand, are completely unpredictable. Here the sellers decide. Before putting the flat on the market, some try to find out what the prices are like in the area, ask their agents or order a professional appraisal. Many, however, have a certain amount in their head and stick to it, even though this amount sometimes does not correspond to reality. Often only the market verifies such wish thinking so we always ask our clients to submit offers.

Today we have 3 properties for you, the prices of which have recently been lowered. What were the reasons for the decisions of their owners, we do not know. Our guess is that they may have been influenced by the epidemiological situation in the world and the related difficulties.

Cozy apartment in Reserva de Marbella (245.000 EUR   > 199.000 EUR) 

One of my favorite properties in our portfolio. This apartment is not only charming, but also well-equipped. Perfectly prepared for short-term rental, it is very popular among the so-called "Vacationers".

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • spacious living room with open kitchen
  • large terrace with access to the swimming pool
  • parking space in the underground garage
  • tourist license for in place
  • reduced price: EUR 199,000

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Modern villa in La Alqueria (3.750.000 EUR   -> 3.400.000 EUR)

Here we have an case I wrote about above. Even though it is a luxury villa and not a housing estate, the situation is similar. The owner of this villa (and several others) is an investor who bought some good plots of land a few years ago and built detached villas on some of them. We got 3 villas for sale, at the moment there is only one left and the developer has decided to lower its price. Significantly. 

  • 6 bedrooms
  • 6 bathrooms
  • spacious living room with high ceilings
  • panoramic sea view
  • 672 m2 of built-up area
  • 1,573 m2 of plot
  • elegant, high-quality finishes
  • luxurious furniture
  • reduced price: EUR 3,400,000

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Here, the owners set the asking price high mainly because of the location. Then CoVid came and dealt his cards. A few days ago, we got instructed by the vendors to lower the price of the apartment. 

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • spacious living room with an open modern kitchen
  • sea views from every balcony
  • parking space in the underground garage
  • tourist license for rental
  • direct access to the beach in Puerto Banus
  • price after reduction: EUR 1,350,000

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