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How was 2019 for us? What did we fail? And what succeeded?


The end of the year is a time of reflection and summarizing. We try to catch our breath and look at the past year from a certain distance. We check what happened, what plans we implemented and what failed. We are also trying to look at the future and predict what will happen on the real estate market in Spain in 2020.

What failed?

  • Finding new owners for two properties from our database, which sales before the end of 2019 were particularly important to us.
  • Significant expansion of the exclusive listings for sale.
  • Automation of activities related to the administration of holiday rentals.

What was a success?

  • Implementation of a professional CRM, which to a large extent ordered and automated customer service in the buying / selling of properties.
  • Intensive marketing activities resulted in a significant increase in the number of leads,
  • almost twofold increase in turnover compared to 2018.

What was 2019 for our team?

For Dream it was a very intense year. Our core business, i.e. the real estate sale, has accelerated to such an extent that we doubled our turnover of last year. This happened despite the decline in market dynamics, and due to the enormity of work that we put into the field of online marketing. Here a deep nod towards Piotr, who planned these activities and taught us to move in the marketing jungle and the entire Artneo Team. Thank you guys, it wouldn't have been possible without you.


This year, Klaudia went beyond herself: she was not only walking like a battering ram, adding to her list of successes further sales and subsequent customers satisfied with her service and fought with the topic of short-term rentals, she also gave birth to a daughter in the meantime.

Margaret (for friends: Maggi)

Joined us in September, and in November she was already closing her first sale. Not only did she sell the apartment, which we wanted to sell due to the situation of its owner, she did it so professionally that buyers did not even negotiate the price. And I admit that by proposing this price to the owner a few months earlier, I didn't quite believe myself that we would be able to achieve it.

Thank you girls, your commitment and support means a lot to me.

What are our plans?

Our plans for 2020 are clearly defined: we want to have more and more satisfied customers who will become Dream ambassadors and recommend our services. We plan to sell more and expand our business to new markets. This year, we have established cooperation with an enthusiastic and professional partner on the Costa Blanca, who attends our clients interested in buying real estate in that region. We are also very interested in German market and are planning activities to acquire more customers from this country.

Helping will be just as cool in 2020 

These plans should naturally translate into greater profits, and we need these, among others, because we like to help. This year, as you probably remember, we got involved in the activities of the Foundation KIDS Innovators Club of Children's Hospitals (more on this subject HERE) and we intend to continue supporting the Foundation's activities in 2020. In addition, every year we engage in founds collections for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and for the last several months in the activities of the President's Orchestra - a Facebook aid group founded by Patrycja Krzymińska after the death of the President of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz.. 

2020, a year of balance, peace and distance

For me, 2020 is a year of symmetry and balance - not only because of the arrangement of numbers. Those who know me closer know that I love symmetry, maybe I am even slightly obsessed with it. I equally obsessively strive for balance in everything I do (being zodiacal Libra obliges!). This year, I want to allow myself more peace and distance to the accelerating world. I want to take a step back more often to see more, wider and capture the context of what is happening around me. I want to allow myself to commit mistakes and treat them as an integral part of life and business, a source of learning and not a bad mood. I firmly believe that nothing happens without a reason and that we have an influence on what is happening to us and around us.

Therefore, I wish you well-being and balance on all what it important to you, in the symmetrical 2020 ☺


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