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Coronavirus (COVID19) in Spain - how do we work?


We receive from you a lot of phone calls and messages any type, some with links to information about Spain, appearing in the media of different countries.

These news are very confusing, so today a few words about how it looks with us. Well, we live and operate normally - of course within the framework that imposes the "estado de alarma" on us.

Some facts about how it looks in Spain

  • our quarantine is not voluntary, we are not allowed to leave our homes under threat of a penalty. Such an unreasonable walk can cost from 500 to 30,000 EUR.
  • we can go to the grocery store or pharmacy, or to work - and only if the company is unable to organize remote work. Most companies have already done this, and employees who are moving should have a relevant document issued by the company so that they can identify themselves in case of an inspection (a kind of "pass").

How does our office work during the coronavirus epidemic in Spain?

Just because we are not allowed to leave our homes, does not mean that we are unable to send you offers! Our systems are working at full speed, and because all agencies are just as grounded as we are, I hope that soon new properties will start appearing on the market, so far stored "up the sleeve" because of the lack of time to put them in the systems.

We can therefore work with you as we always do preparing your visits: you call us and say what you are looking for, we choose the right offers and send them to you, you decide which ones you want to see and ask for more, we send other options, you choose more offers and so on - until we have a short list of properties to look at. Only then you are starting to plan your arrival in Spain. And by that time, we will hopefully deal with our uninvited guest named CoVid.

To sum up: we are at your disposal as usual, write to us, call and let's work together "for a common bright future".


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