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Procedures related to short-term rental season 2020 - covid 19


It will be a different summer season from the previous ones, but the number of new reservations indicates that guests will be arriving. It seems that private properties well prepared and meeting sanitary requirements are perceived by many potential guests as a safer option than hotels.

General information for property owners for holiday rent

After the appearance of SARS-CoV-2, it is necessary, as recommended by sanitary authorities, to take additional precautions when checking in and checking out guests, as well as to tighten the rules on cleaning and disinfection of property between clients' stays to prevent the spread of the virus, and thus ensure safety for travelers and employees.

Information on actions recommended in short-term rental properties.

  • Implementing social distance during the registration process at check-ins and check-outs. According to sanitary recommendations, the property should be adapted to the auto-registration processes at the entry and exit of guests – check-ins and check-out are to take place without contacting the staff (smart keys opening via application, key boxes or key collection in designated places).
  • Strong adherence to established check-ins and check-out times for guests to avoid early arrivals or late departures, so as to allow proper cleaning and disinfection of the property.
  • Tightening the policy regarding cleaning the property – cleaning and disinfection in the property after EVERY departure. According to recommendations, wait 3 hours after guests leave before the cleaning crew starts working. The time between departure and arrival of subsequent guests should be min. 24 h. Linens are washed in dry cleaners, other materials used in the property, i.e. towels, cloths, blankets, pillow cases should be washed after each visit at the maximum temperature allowed by the manufacturer.
  • Minimizing the presence of third parties in the property only for the necessary technical support (according to the demand in the property).
  • Providing guests with personal protective equipment, especially masks and, if possible, gloves and shoe covers (or disposable footwear for use in the property).
  • Providing guests with cleaning and disinfection products (with 70% alcohol content).
  • Providing guests with hand disinfectants (placing them at the entrance to the property).
  • Resignation from the service of preparing and delivering food or shopping (if they are maintained, adapting to security procedures).
  • During telephone contact with the customer: providing information regarding the procedures used for cleaning and disinfection, providing detailed information on check-in and check-out, providing information on suspended services (e.g. meal preparation, transport), providing information on the use of common areas in the complex (e.g. pool), providing information on restrictions related to Covid 19 in public places, encouraging guests to monitor their health for any symptoms and to use the advice of local authorities and to seek medical help.

Information About Advertising On Internet Portals

Adaptation of real estate ads to the requirements of sanitary authorities and the policy of each portal.

Generally as a landord, you should:

  • Accept the most flexible cancellation policy, adapted to the property (cancellation even the day before the planned arrival). 
  • Apply discounts and special promotions for rentals of several weeks or longer: according to information from portals, the main customer searches relate to rentals in the area or in the same country, customers are looking for opportunities to spend time with family outside the home, while working.
  • Consider renting for longer periods.
  • Consider using customer auto-registration (check-in and check-out without contact with staff).
  • Inform clients about cleaning and disinfection procedures (some portals allow this information to be included in the description, others only in designated sections or in a direct message).
  • Some portals encourage up to 72 hours break between rentals.

If after reading this text something is unclear to you or you have questions related to current procedures for holiday rentals, please email us: infdomnu25o@dreamproperty.es 

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