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Blog - Real estate market in Spain

In this blog category you will find, among others analyzes, real estate market data and guides and everything that we think is important for people who are considering Spain as a country where they want to invest their money in a house, villa or apartment in Spain.

If you are looking for current information about the real estate market in Spain, you've come to the right place. We have been active as a real estate agency in Spain on the Costa Del Sol in Marbella for 10 years. We arose during the deepest crisis, which in Andalusia alone closed down tens of thousands of real estate agencies.

Although we operate mainly on the Costa del Sol, we follow trends and data from the entire market to be able to advise our clients based on the largest possible amount of the most current data.

In addition to selling, buying or renting real estate, our role is to educate our clients and help them choose the best offer for them. To be able to do this consciously, we are constantly analyzing data that relates to the Spanish real estate market. Based on them, we not only advise, but also write on our blog about everything that an investor wanting to invest in Spain should know.

It is not important whether you are looking for a house on the Costa del Sol or an apartment on the Costa Blanca. It is important that you have full advice and access to fresh data that will help you make an informed decision to buy property in Spain. That's why this blog was created.

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